Don’t need a job yet? Write a resume!

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In high school, I had two jobs. During the school year, I was an office aide at my parish rectory, and during the summers, I lifeguarded at my swim club. They were two jobs that I loved as a high school student, but when Christmas break arrived during my first year at college, I realized that I did not want to lifeguard that summer. When I started my second semester, I decided that I would not lifeguard in the summer and that I would get a different job.

I work as an office aide in the career development office at my college (once an office a aide, always an office aide), and when I told my boss that I wanted a job this summer in which I would not have to walk around half naked with a whistle around my neck. The first thing she told me to do. Write a resume. At first, I thought this was a tad premature, what if the job I picked didn’t require a resume? Write a resume. But it’s only February, I won’t be applying until April. Write a resume. Every rebuttal I could think of ended the same way – write a resume.

So I decided to write my resume. Now, writing a resume is not that difficult. It’s not fun, but as long as you grab the cheat sheet on career development’s blackboard page, it’s a simple process of fill in the blank. After finishing the resume, I saved it to my computer and went on with the semester. And then when the papers and finals of April and May seized my time utterly, I already had written my resume for employers, so the application process was much easier.

My advice – if you don’t have a resume written right now, stop reading blogs and write one. Even if you don’t need it now because it is much easier to update one in the future than to start from scratch while you’re already stressed to get a job. Write your resume.


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  1. #1 by realestatesally on October 26, 2013 - 11:39 am

    Thanks, CHC I really appreciate this blog. Topic and content encourages me to immediately get to it. Although, the task is different for everyone–the thought of writing one reminds me of, not only of its importance to record skills and education but the need to work on it to find employment. Truth is, its work finding work. My take on it is as long as you remain optimistic in the task itself there’s always the “perhaps” to consider in the end.

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